Giving: Commitment to faith comes in many forms. Stewardship is an outward expression of our faith commitment as Christians. A congregation who embraces an intentional stewardship program will have the resources to live out their ministry in the community and the world. Many people in our congregations are uncomfortable talking about stewardship, tithing and financial issues. Yet, we can only grow in our faith if we use all of our gifts and resources.

Giving has a much deeper meaning than simply donating money. It involves the care of all things that God has entrusted to us.

Faithfully participating in the life of the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness!

  • Care of our property
  • Care for one another
  • Care of our community
  • Care of giving so ministries can continue

Important Trustees Announcement

The Board of Trustees have been working hard this year.

The State Fire officials for the past 18 months concerning the fire safety of our church and our parishioners. The church has always passed the fire inspections and whenever any construction work for additions was engineered, the fire codes were always followed and passed by the fire officials.

However, in recent months a new Fire Code has been enacted and all public buildings must now comply with this new code. We have filed many appeals and an agreement has been reached whereby we will be required to install additional sprinklers in the basement class rooms. Completed!

The Board of Trustees and the Administrative Council have entered into a contract to paint the outside of the Church. The wood work has not been maintained for the past several years and is in dire need of paint and minor repairs. This work needs to be completed before we have more serious damage. Completed!

New LED lights ~ The Trustees have replaced the old CFL light fixtures in the Pastor's office, the Church Office, and Pelican Place with new state of the art LED fixtures and lights. They provide superior illumination and only use a fraction of the electricity. Now that's good stewardship! This and other projects were funded by a gift from the family of Virginia Stiffler in her memory. There will be future projects funded by their generosity! – This and other projects are in progress.

Gil Ewing, our faithful Trustee Chair, has stepped away from his duties and we have appointed Charlie King to serve our the remainder of Gil's term as chair.  Teamwork is what keeps things going.  We are thankful for Gil's leadership and for Charlie's willingness to participate in this important ministry of care.

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