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Uganda Africa

Our AFRICA Mission
Mukuru slum, Nairobi, Kenya

El-Shaddai School in the Mukuru Slum seeks our help in breaking the cycle of poverty in Mukuru through education. Cape May United Methodist Church's Dave Chapman visited the school in July 2019 with missionaries Lois and Robert Carr, as part of our 3rd Kenya Mission.  The school has six classrooms with about 80 students ranging from 3 to 10 years old. The school provides breakfast as well as medical monitoring and academic courses to prepare them for higher education and a "ticket out" of the slum.

Sammy Mwaniki, an El-Shaddai graduate, worshipped with us May through July and is now back studying Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering at Lipscomb University, a Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee, attesting to the academic excellence of El-ShaddaiSchool.  The school is heavily impacted by the COVID virus, and the teachers are really struggling. Won't you please consider making a donation for the El-Shaddai teachers to give them and their families hope?  Checks can be made out to Cape May United Methodist Church, with "EL SHADDAI SCHOOL" in the memo. Donations of ANY amount are deeply appreciated.

Mungu [God] Akubariki [Bless You]!!

Dave Chapman is on the move with international missions.  He has traveled to Guatemala and Kenya this year to build housing.  He travels with a team who also provide medical care.  Cape May UMC is supporting the El Shaddai School in Kenya.  More info to follow!!

Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature!"
John Wesley said, "The World Is My Parish!"

Missions in Africa
In June, our women's group made a donation of $100 to a church in western Uganda that
Dave Chapman worked on in 2019. He was part of a team that renovated the church and
converted another building to a parsonage for Pastor Luke and his family. Following are several responses he received from the Pastor back in June. This family is one of the least fortunate that we minister to. Today we brought some food to them. We feed them since they came to this congregation. They are hungry all the time; the old woman, her daughter who is also of unsound mind and the kids she produces with unknown fathers. We received funds and we committed it to feeding some of our members of the same kind. We do have some little matoke (plantain banana) we have grown on the property so sometimes we do have harvests. Adah is excited to have this one to feed us as matoke is now at a high cost. Our children are growing up. These two are friends and they keep together. Adah, the baby, is also growing, she has turned 8 months
on September 21. We have done radio preaching as the way of reaching the people during the church lockdown. We are currently preparing for our first worship since the
lockdown. We have bought sanitizers, face masks, soap, jik to be used in preparing for use in church public worship.
That's it for now.
Pastor Luke

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