Pastor's Note
A Message from Rev. Jeanette Block, Pastor

Pastor's thoughts for summer

Friends, we are blessed to have so many visitors to the City of Cape May. Today, travel is not limited for many and thankfully, there are families who consider our part of the Jersey Shore home. Our ministry slows a bit in the summer so that we can connect with our loved ones, catch up on reading, especially the scriptures, and take time to renew our mind, body and spirit.

Assemblyman Matthew Milan invited me to come to the State House in Trenton to offer prayer before the voting session of our NJ State Assembly on Monday, June 10. It was an overwhelming experience to see the grandeur of the building that has been making history since New Jersey was established. We have the second oldest State House in the nation; the first being Delaware.

I did not work on a prayer until after worship on June 9. Ron wanted to visit the craft show on the promenade. While walking just south of Convention Hall, I noticed the rock memorial for Captain Cornelius Jacobsen Mey. I thought the quote attributed to him would be a good way to begin for such a diverse group of representatives.

Captain Mey, the Dutch explorer, founded Cape May in 1621. Captain Mey is quoted as saying:

"['t]is better to govern by love and friendship than by force."

I think that is a great quote to use for the beginning of every prayer, but especially to highlight South Jersey, a great place to live, work, visit and pray.

During these summer months, catch up on your reading. Books by Henri Nouwen, Fr. Richard Rohr. I will catch up on the pile of Vanity Fair volumes that rest on my coffee table, and the paperbacks I've picked up along the way. Enjoy summer! Please think about reconnecting with God and our church whenever you can!

Blessings and peace, Pastor Jeanette

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